by Moodive

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Dedicated to Art.


released September 14, 2012



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Moodive Milan, Italy

Music producer, graphic designer, art director and artist.

Influences include Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Erik Satie, Keith Jarrett, Guerre Froide, Neu!, Godfrey Reggio, D. F. Wallace, Gregory Crewdson.

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Track Name: You Are The Horizon
I'm like a shining star
But I can't heal my scars
Yeah baby I need your hands
I'll make you feel the only one
In the night I'll be your sun
And I'll bring you cold shyvers [shy shivers]
In your gaze I'll see my girl
In your gaze I'll see my girl

This feeling is spacey (don't leave)

I'll bring you to my knees
When you'll bring me to your knees
You could cancel me and call me a count
And I would say that you're a cheap one
But this time I'll be candid and pure
And you'll inspire me like a muse
'Cause I know that you want it too
And this night I'll give it to you

This feeling is spacey (don't leave)

// Guitar Solo //

Feel me, touch me like you've never done before
Tonight, tonight I'm here
Track Name: Pigments of Life
Another day is gone
Another week is gone
Will I take care of you?
I feel like if I should
But I can't stand me now
And with the time I'll blow
I see the years passin' and goin' on their way
(will ever this feeling go away?)

Pigments of life
Will I ever connect these docks?

I see my life in my scars
I see your face in the stars
And now you are inside of me
Inside of me as a limb
I hear the sound of this voice
What's the meaning of a choice?
I'm right only if I'd better be wrong
I will dive/die in a dark catacomb

Pigments of life
Will I ever connect these docks?

Are you afraid to die?
I'll meet you in the next life

Pigments of life
Will I ever connect these docks?